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Humour and nerves of steel: Interpreters and translators for your international stage


In this age of global networking, professional interpreters and highly specialised translators are among the most sought-after experts for intercultural communication at every level – in politics, in business, and in culture. As true linguistic acrobats, interpreters ensure expressive precision and factual clarity at the very places where diplomats negotiate at the highest level, where business experts make decisions worth millions, and where the rules of our cross-border coexistence are debated and where they are enforced before national and international courts.


What we see on the news in the evening, is often what conference interpreters have just spent all day translating into all manner of languages at international congresses and conferences, and what qualified specialist translators have translated in writing – for a variety of recipients, for future generations, or simply for official records.


Interpreters and translators are the learned language experts who are at your side when you, as a pioneer in politics, business or management, want to negotiate with nuance, make groundbreaking decisions, manufacture for the present, and form strategies for the future.




Are you looking for top-calibre professional interpreters for your top-calibre event? Conference interpreters for a congress, awards ceremony or meeting?


Do you require a team of simultaneous interpreters? Or do you need to take things slower, sentence by sentence, with a consecutive interpreter for business meetings, contract negotiations or a training event? Perhaps you wish to enlist the services of a guide interpreter with plenty of diplomatic aplomb for an upcoming delegation visit:



Whatever you need, welcome to BARTH Conference Interpreters! Let’s get down to business.